Senior Data Scientist for Dataclair AI Centre (m/f)

We’re looking for a skilled hands-on data scientist with substantial experience in deep learning. If you join our team in this role, you’ll have a unique opportunity to shape our flagship products and influence strategic decisions on our long-term course. You’ll be deeply in hands-on delivery, but you’ll also help your peers grow by being their candid mentor.
You can work on-site or remotely. It’s up to you!

If you’re the right candidate, you shall possess these core qualities:
1. You’re a fast thinker with the “work hard, play hard” attitude.
2. You’re a passionate innovator.
3. You’re good at explaining what you do and why you do it.

Your responsibilities:
  • 40 % hands-on coding
  • 20 % architecture and design of complex ML products and pipelines (incl. reinforcement learning, LSTM/VAE encodings, etc.)
  • 20 % problem cracking and mentoring of other peers (serving as a deep learning Tech Lead)
  • 20 % expert involvement in ML experiments in various domains, including our medical AI stream

  • Your day-to-day job will include:
  • Using mostly Python and TensorFlow in Azure
  • Querying telco big data in Azure
  • Cracking challenging problems of how to develop, productionalize and deploy reinforcement and deep learning models over messy telco big data
  • Providing ML expert assistance to Head of Product, co-shaping our flagship ML product for customer lifecycle management
  • Helping our Medical AI research team in cracking various deep learning issues
  • Reporting directly to the AI Centre management
  • Representing us in the machine learning community (e.g., meetups, workshops, conferences, tutorials, blogs, etc.)
  • Staying up to date with state-of-the-art advances in machine learning

  • Skillset and qualifications you’ll need:
  • Master’s degree or relevant work experience
  • 4+ years in the field
  • English in full professional proficiency (you will communicate with non-Czech speakers daily)
  • Excellent coding skills in a major programming language relevant to the field (Python, R, etc.)
  • Excellent skills with one of the major ML packages, and preferably with TensorFlow too
  • Familiarity with SQL
  • Strong experience with practical data science and hands-on involvement with deployed ML pipelines in a business environment
  • Proven and demonstrable track record (e.g. private GitHub, Kaggle achievements, hackathons, redacted/anonymised demonstration of previous data science projects in real business, etc.)

  • What to expect:
  • A mission that goes beyond performance and profit (“AI for good” is our mantra)
  • Remote or on-site working (the choice is yours)
  • Seasoned leaders you can count on
  • A company culture that helps the team to perform highly and humanly at the same time
  • Regular bonus pays based on your KPI
  • Employee benefits (scroll down for details)
  • Good-to-know about Dataclair

    In short, we do AI. In full, we do AI to make the world a better place.
    We are strong advocates of fair machine learning in a business environment. We implement and deploy our ethical AI algorithms so that they elevate human condition, improve quality of life, and generate significant profits at the same time. 

    Dataclair has been founded by the biggest Czech telco operator O2 as a centre of AI R&D and business application in telco, finance and pharma. It combines the best of both the corporate and startup worlds – a stable working environment, inspirational colleagues and bold mission. 

    Our website:
    The company we’re a part of: 
    The place where we stay:
    Podcast discussion about how we see AI in the world (in Czech):

    We can offer you:

    Our most popular benefits include a post to a mobile phone of your choice up to CZK 7,200 or a cafeteria with 18,000 points.

    But O2 offers a wide range of benefits, from preferential O2 TV and intenet, language courses, meal vouchers, 25 days of leave and 3 sick days.

    You can find a list of all benefits here:
    O2 je společnost, která udává trend v telekomunikačních a ICT technologiích v ČR a SR. To mi dává možnost přicházet s novými řešeními ke spokojenosti zákazníků. Navíc mám možnost rozšiřovat si vzdělání v rámci naší virtuální univerzity nebo inspirativních setkání.
    Datové centrum
    O2 je firma, která se umí rychle měnit. Je pro každého, kdo se umí přizpůsobit a je připraven na nekonečné množství výzev. Nejvíce mě baví práce s moderními technologiemi, mým týmem a kolegy, kteří jsou profíci v oboru. Ráda se také účastním mini workshopů a inspirativních setkání, které se u nás pořádají několikrát do měsíce.
    Product management

    Benefity pro vás

    Zaměstnanecký tarif
    Zaměstnanecký tarif
    Už žádné hlídání útraty za data a volání.
    Až 18 000 Kč na nový telefon
    Až 18 000 Kč na nový telefon
    Každé 3 roky příspěvek na mobil dle vlastního výběru.
    18 000 Benefit bodů
    18 000 Benefit bodů
    Na relax, nákupy, dovolenou. Pro radost.
    Body do O2 Knihovny
    Body do O2 Knihovny
    2 400 Kč ročně na e-knihy, audioknihy nebo e-magazíny.
    Multisport karta
    Multisport karta
    Možnost získat nadupanou vstupenku do wellness a fitka.
    5 týdnů dovolené
    5 týdnů dovolené
    Dostatek volna pro odpočinek je samozřejmost.
    Firemní stravování
    Firemní stravování
    Stravenkový paušál 75 Kč za odpracovanou směnu.
    Slevová Shell karta
    Slevová Shell karta
    Benzín nebo nafta? U Shellu za skvělou cenu.
    Zora Válová
    Zora Válová
    Senior specialista náboru
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